After logging into MyKU, make sure you’re on the Faculty Homepage, indicated at the top of the screen. 

If you’re not on that homepage, click on the Homepage title, then select Faculty Homepage from the dropdown list.

Click on the Manage Office Hours tile.

On the next screen, you should see navigation items on the left.  Add Office Hours should be selected, and its corresponding form should appear on the right.

Following the criteria outlined in the top area of the screen, complete the form by ticking off the checkboxes under the appropriate days of the week, and entering time periods and meeting locations.  You can add additional office hours using the add row () button, or delete an entire row using the delete row () button.

Error checks are performed as you enter information, and when you attempt to submit the form.  Requests that conflict with criteria at the top of the screen, or with your class schedule at the bottom of the screen, will trigger warnings and error messages to appear.  Furthermore, your requested hours will be tallied and totaled as you work through the form:

After you submit your form, you’ll receive a confirmation message:

At the same time, an e-mail will be sent to your department chairs, alerting them of your new request:

While your request is pending review, you will not be able to submit additional requests for office hours.  Subsequent visits to the Add Office Hours screen will display the following:

You can monitor pending requests, and view your latest approved office hours, under the Review My Office Hours screen.

As your request moves through the review process, the status message above the office hours details will update appropriately.  Any comments made by the reviewers (your department chair and college dean) will display at the bottom of the screen.

If a request is denied, you will be able to submit another request on the Add Office Hours screen.


Watch a video overview below.

Click here to watch the video full screen.