After logging in to MyKU, enter the Student Center.

Click on “My Academics.”

Click the “Request official transcript” link.

Select when you want the transcript to be processed (immediately, after the next grade posting, or hold until degree conferment). Also enter the desired number of requested transcripts.

Enter the recipient address information.

You can search for an organization. If your search does not return the desired institution, please return to the Student Center and go directly to “Manual Entry.” Do not attempt to search for the organization first.

You can also enter a mailing or electronic address manually. Start by completing the “Send To:” box first. If you are sending electronically, enter the email address second. Next, click “Edit Address” to finish entering a mailing address. You’ll need to provide a mailing address whether you are requesting a mailed transcript or an electronic transcript.

If you want to receive the transcripts personally, check the “Send To My Address” option.

After completing the address information, be sure to click “Submit.”