In Student Center, if you’re eligible to apply for Graduate Candidacy, you will see an option in your Academics dropdown list. This link will allow you to either submit an application or review a previously submitted Graduate Candidacy application.

Note: This dropdown list displays properly in Firefox and Chrome. However, the text may be cut off in Internet Explorer.

After selecting “Apple for Graduate Candidacy,” click the go arrow.


If you haven’t already applied for Graduate Candidacy, you will be taken to the Application screen. You may enter comments to go along with your application, if desired. Comments will be visible by your advisor.

Enter an expected graduation date and click the appropriate checkbox to indicate if you’re completing a thesis for this degree. Then, click the “Apply” button to submit your application.

After clicking “Apply,” a message will display confirming your application. Click “OK” to return to the Student Center.

Reviewing Your Application

After applying, subsequent visits to the Application screen will allow you to view the latest information on your application, including comments from Advisors or staff members. A box at the top of the screen indicates the current approval status of the application. All information on the screen is read-­‐only – you will not be able to update information.

An application awaiting review will contain the text “Please approve this” in the comments section.