After logging in through the Portal, click the “Self Service” menu item.

Click the “Student Center” link.

The “Enrollment Dates” section is on the right side of the Student Center page.

If you have an enrollment appointment, it will appear in this box. An enrollment appointment is the time period in which you can enroll for a particular term prior to the open enrollment period.

To view your enrollment appointment or open enrollment dates, click the details link.

Using the Shopping Cart to View Enrollment Appointments

The Shopping Cart can be used to select classes before the enrollment period. Adding courses to your shopping cart does NOT automatically enroll you in those courses. The shopping cart is just a temporary holding place for courses you are interested in enrolling. You must enroll in a course before it is added to your class schedule. For instructions on adding classes to your shopping cart and enrolling in classes, please see the Course Registration article


Along the right side of the Student Center homepage, you will find a section called Enrollment Dates. In this box, you will find the date that you may begin enrolling for the upcoming semester. For more information, click details.


Note: The Enrollment Appointment listed under Enrollment Date does not mean that you must make an appointment to see someone; it is the date when you can begin to enroll for courses. If you need advisement or help selecting courses, it is advised that you make an appointment before your enrollment date.

The first day and time you can begin enrolling is listed under Appointment Begins. The last day and time you can self-­‐enroll is listed under Appointment Ends. If it is currently during the enrollment period, click on Shopping Cart to enroll in your selected classes.

Select the classes you wish to enroll in by checking the box next to each class name. Click “Enroll” to add the classes to your class schedule for the selected semester.