There are two methods to obtain an unofficial transcript for any student.

Method 1: Student Center

Navigate to “Student Services Ctr (Student).” (Main Menu > Campus Community > Student Services Ctr [Student]).

Enter the search criteria for the student you wish to obtain a transcript for. If more than one result comes up, select the correct user.    

In the dropdown list under the “Academics” section of the Student Services Center, select “Transcript: View Unofficial,” then click the next button.

Select “Unofficial Transcript” or “Unofficial Transcript Integrtd” for the “Report Type,” then click “View Report.”

The transcript will appear in a new browser window.

Note: If you already requested an unofficial transcript for this advisee, you can click on the “View All Requested Reports” button at the bottom of the screen. Click the “View Report” button next to the appropriate date.