To view advisee information, navigate to “My Advisees.” (Main Menu > Self Service > Advisor Center > My Advisees)

To view details on a particular student, click the “View Student Details” link. This will take you to a clone of that student’s “Student Center.” Another option would be to select the “Student Center” tab at the top of the page. To change the student you are viewing, click the “Change Advisee” drop-­‐down menu and select the new student. Then click “Change.”\

On the “Student Center” tab, you will see a clone of the student’s “Student Center.” This is what the student sees when he or she logs into MyKU.

The first section is “Academics.”

  • To view a student’s schedule, click the “Weekly Schedule” link. This will allow you to see a calendar view of the student’s schedule.
  • To view the classes placed in the student’s “Enrollment Shopping Cart,” click the “Shopping Cart” link. Classes in the “Shopping Cart” are saved in this location until the student removes them or enrolls in them.
  • To access a list of all the classes the student has taken and transferred in, click the “other academic” drop-­‐down menu and select “Course History.” You can sort the information you view on this page by clicking on the grid headings; for example, to sort by term, click the “Term” heading.