If a Graduate student is eligible for Graduate Candidacy, they will see an option in the Academics drop- down list in Student Center. This link will allow them to submit a Graduate Candidacy application or review a previously submitted application.

After selecting this option from the drop-down list, they must click the "go" button to proceed.

Student Applies

If the student hasn’t applied for Graduate Candidacy, they will be taken to the Application screen.

Students are required to enter an expected graduation date. The thesis checkbox and the comments area are optional, and do not have to be checked/completed. Clicking the Apply button submits the application.

After hitting Apply, a message will display. Click either button returns the student to the main Student Center screen.

Advisor Review

After the student has applied, an e-mail is automatically sent to the student’s advisor(s), similar to the following:

After receiving this e-mail, the advisor must log into myKU to act on the application. After logging into myKU and clicking on Campus Solutions, click on the Worklist link at the top-right corner of the screen:

You’ll then come to a screen that looks like the following:

If you click on the link in the Link area (highlighted above in figure), you’ll be taken to that student’s application.

This screen is read-only until the advisor clicks the Add button (+) to insert a new row. Afterwards, the advisor can fill in comments about their decision in that new row, then hit the Approve or Deny button to update the application’s status and save the data on screen. The advisor can also click on the View Details in Student Services Center link to open up the Academics tab of Student Services Center for this student in a new window.

If the application is approved, an e-mail is sent to the Office of Graduate Studies to let them know that they must act on the student’s application next. If the application is denied, the student will receive an e-mail informing them, and the student can re-apply.

Student Review

After applying, subsequent visits to the Application screen will allow students to view the latest information on their application, including comments from Advisors or Graduate Studies staff members. A box at the top of the screen indicates the current approval status of the application. All information on this screen is read-only, so the student cannot update any information on-screen.

Application review screen in Student Center (awaiting advisor approval):

Application review screen in Student Center (after being approved by Advisor):

Application review screen in Student Center (after being approved by Graduate Studies):

If a Student's Application is Denied

If the student’s application has been denied, they will receive notification via e-mail. At that point, they can review the application in Student Center and re-apply. When reviewing the application, a Re-Apply button will appear on-screen. Clicking on it will refresh their screen, allowing the student to fill in the application again.

Student's Pursing Multiple Graduate Degrees

If students have other Graduate degrees eligible for Graduate Candidacy, or they have submitted Grad Candidacy applications for other degrees, an Other Degrees area will appear at the bottom of their Graduate Candidacy screen, along with additional instructions (in bold) at the top of the screen. Each additional degree will be listed in this area, along with a link to Apply for candidacy with that degree or Review the application that was submitted for that degree:

No applications on file: