“Advisement Holds” block a student from registering for classes. However, students can still add classes to their shopping cart. Holds are placed on accounts for the next semester, until removed by an advisor, dean, chair, or secretary. Registrar cannot release the hold. If a student has more than one advisor, only one advisor needs to remove the hold. The database records the date and the person who removes an Advisement hold. Reports are available to show who removed the hold, which students still have a hold, and a history of all notes on a student.  


“Advisement Notes” allow advisors to make notations for each student. Students are also able to add notes for the advisor. Notes can be marked private or visible to the student. There is no limitation on the number of notes that are added by an advisor. However, notes are read-­‐only and cannot be edited. The chart below explains the settings and results for “Advisement Notes.”

Visible to Student
Visible to advisor only.
Visible to advisor and student and all faculty.
Visible to advisor and faculty.
Visible to advisor and student and NOT faculty.

If a student changes advisors, the previous advisors non-­‐private notes are still visible.

Adding Advisement Notes

To add Advisement Notes for a student, navigate to “My Advisees.” (Main Menu > Self-­Service > Advisor Center > My Advisees).

A list of all advisees will populate. You will be able to see up to 50 students on one page. To add a note for a student, click the “Notes” link.

On the “Advisor Notes” screen, enter your note and set the privacy settings (refer to the chart on page 1 for more information on privacy settings). There is a built‐in spell checker next to the notes field.

To view notes left by students, click on the “Student Notes” tab at the top of the screen.

Removing Holds

To remove an Advisement Hold from a student account, click on “View Student Details” on the “My Advisees” page.

Click on the “general info” tab.

Click on the “Advisor Registration Blocked” link to remove the hold.

Click the “Release” button. You will be asked to confirm the release Service Indicator. Click “OK.”

The Advisement Hold will now be removed and the student can enroll in classes. Click the “My Advisees” link to return to your list of advisees.


Can I release hold for more than one student at a time?

No. The intent is for the advisor to remove the hold while meeting with the student during advisement.

Can I make an old note private?

Yes. You can update old notes to private or public, but cannot change the wording. All private notes are only visible to the advisor, and not available on any reports or to other faculty.

If a student changes advisors, can the new advisor see the notes?

Yes, as long as the notes are made public.

Can I delete notes?

No. You can make the note private if you do not want it visible to everyone.

What information is stored in the database?

  • The person and date/time when hold is released.
  • All notes from advisor and students.
  • The faculty/student name and time the note was created.

How do students add notes?

Students can add notes in the “Student Center” in the Academics drop down box.

How do students know if they have an advisement hold?

Students will see a red circle in the “Student Center.” They will have the same functionality as parking tickets, bursar holds, etc.